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CPS high school application process is now online

  • August 7, 2017 /
  • by Sher Spooner /
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If you’re the parent or the tutor of an 8th grader this fall, you’ll be interested in the Chicago Public Schools’ new online high school application process. CPS has streamlined the process for students to apply to a CPS high school — online.

The new platform is called GoCPS. Families with 8th-grade students, whether or not those students currently are attending a school in the CPS system, will use this online method of choosing and applying for high schools. Parents can go to the website and subscribe to the service, which also can be used to apply to schools at any level for other children in the family, from pre-K to high school.

The CPS site says the online application process for high schools will be activated “very soon.” But families can subscribe now, and that online subscription can be used for younger students in the years to come.

This new enrollment method uses universal enrollment, meaning that families can apply to any district high school and participating charter schools on a single application. Families can apply using either the online application site or by using a paper application.

By using the online search function, families and students can explore all schools. The schools are listed alphabetically, with addresses and phone numbers. Some are neighborhood schools, some are citywide, some are selective enrollment schools, and some are charters. Clicking on a particular school offers specific information about that school, such as the school’s demographics, a map where the school is located, and what public transportation routes are closest. You also can search for a school by ZIP code.

By subscribing, families will get all available information on high schools and learn all of the steps in the process. There are lists of frequently asked questions about the process and about the schools themselves. This is how the website describes what to do:

There is a lot to do before you start applying, so it is extremely important that we have up-to-date contact information to guide you through the process. That’s why subscribing to the GoCPS mailing list is a very important first step. We will regularly send important instructions, announcements and advance notifications that will keep you well informed and ahead of schedule. You don’t want to miss any of this information.

Activation codes for families with students who will start high school in the fall of 2018 will become available in late August or September 2017. The actual application process will start on Oct. 2 and go through December of 2017.

The high school application process will open using our new common application system for the first time. Take advantage of new features and supports made available to improve your application experience. Visit schools for open houses and recruitment events; submit your application; and schedule and begin participating in admissions testing, information sessions, auditions, and other admissions screenings as required.

The match process between high schools and students will start in January of 2018 and finish in June. Students who don’t match their first-choice school might be matched with a second choice later in the spring.

Students applying to selective enrollment schools have some earlier deadlines for admissions screening. There is an online Selective Enrollment Point Calculation Tool, with information about minimum grades and test scores that are needed. More information is available online, by calling a particular school itself, or by emailing oae@cps.edu.

General information also is available by calling the Chicago Public Schools at 773-553-2060, or by emailing gocps@cps.edu.


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