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STUDENTS IN CLUSTER TUTORING range from straight-A, honor roll kids to those who struggle with the basics of math and reading.  At Cluster we’ve had success with both types of students.

Because early literacy is vitally important, Cluster gives priority enrollment to students in grades K-3; however, new students up to grade 8 may register for the program.  Returning students may remain with the program through grade 12.

Cluster encourages strong parental involvement in the tutoring program.  Communication between tutors and parents about student progress, homework, and extracurricular activities benefits everyone.

Parents who want to enroll their children in Cluster should attend one of the student registration programs that occur at the end of August or the beginning of September.  For more information on Cluster and the student registration programs, please contact Executive Director Kara Kalnitz at 773-378-5530 or via email at clustertutoring@clustertutoring.org

Note:  Registration with Cluster is no guarantee of enrollment and placement with a tutor.  We are limited by the number of tutors who volunteer each year.  Students who are not initially placed with a tutor are placed on a waiting list of students until a match can be made.