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Incentives for students? YEA!

  • September 1, 2017 /
  • by Sher Spooner /
  • incentives, reading /
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Starting this fall, Cluster Tutoring students will have new reasons to read, do homework, prepare for college entrance exams, and more. It’s all part of the YEA! incentive program.

YEA! stands for You’ve Earned an Award! Students can earn up to six points per night in several ways to earn awards. Points will be given for reading, homework, SAT and ACT preparation, reading comprehension exercises, filling out index cards for word banks, and more.

Students can compile points each week at tutoring and redeem them at the incentive “store.” The store will be open three nights per year, in December, on Big Game Night, and in May.

There will be different award prizes depending on grade level. Students in grades K-6, for instance, can redeem their points for such prizes as art kits or jump ropes. Older students in grades 7-12 can use their points to receive gift cards or movie passes.

Students and tutors will receive updates on the YEA! program during the tutoring year.


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