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Tips for Learning

Want some new ideas on how to reach your student or child?

Here are some teaching and tutoring tips. These free online teaching tools will help tutors and parents both in the areas of reading, vocabulary building, math, and more. These are also good sources for finding and creating worksheets.

A big tip of the hat to all tutors who shared these ideas! Got another one? Just send it to Executive Director Kara Kalnitz (kalnitzk@clustertutoring.org), and we’ll add it to our Tips for Learning list.

Common Core sheets. This site shows users how to create worksheets based on material in the Common Core curriculum, used by Chicago Public Schools. You can access the site here.

MyVocabulary.com. This fun site has interactive games and puzzles for vocabulary development. It covers just about every grade level and goes through standardized test prep for the ACT and SAT. You can access the site here.

Math is Fun. Here’s a site with something for everyone. There are definitions, activities, games, puzzles, and worksheets divided into sections for grades K-6 and grades 7 and up. It even goes to higher levels, such as calculus. No user ID is required. You can access everything at mathisfun.com.

Khan Academy. The site was started in 2006 by educator Salman Khan and offers explanatory videos with quizzes afterward to test what students have learned. Originally it started with just math, but it has branched out into every area of education. The site is free, but users must sign in with a user name. Students can choose whimsical characters to represent themselves. Here’s where you can access Khan Academy.

Mr. Nussbaum. Greg Nussbaum was a public school teacher in Virginia who built a website that offers activities and games in a range of educational areas for students in grades K-6. One tutor found the reading comprehension section especially helpful. You can access the entire site here.

21 digital vocabulary tools. This isn’t just one online tool — it’s 21 of them. Take your pick and find your favorite. You can find the entire list here.